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General Information

What is Qualtrics?

The Qualtrics Research Suite is a powerful online survey tool available to all UNC Chapel Hill faculty, staff, and students, for UNC-related projects. UNC Healthcare is not covered by the UNC Chapel Hill Qualtrics license.

The Research Suite allows you to build complex surveys that fulfill a variety of research needs. You can use this tool to build surveys, distribute surveys and analyze responses, all from one convenient online location!

Getting Started!

How do I create an account?

To get started, you will first need to sign-up for a Qualtrics account.
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Where can I get help?

Option 1: Consult Qualtrics Online Qualtrics Support site.

Option 2: Use the "Help and Feedback" option on the menu bar in the top right corner of every Qualtrics screen.

Option 3: Telephone Qualtrics for assistance at 1-800-340-9194 from 9am to 8pm Eastern, or email support@qualtrics.com. Qualtrics will need your username, which is your UNC PID followed by #unc (e.g. 456345789#unc). Your username is not your onyen.

Option 4: The Odum Institute for Research in Social Science offers consulting on a walk-in or appointment basis. For hours and details see http://www.odum.unc.edu/qualtrics.

Institutional Review Board Information:

Office of Human Research Ethics

Additional Features


The SMS Distribution Module is available with a minimum purchase of a $500 text allotment.

The Qualtrics Offline Surveys App runs on devices with iOS or Android and maybe used for collection of sensitive information when following prescribed security procedures on iPad devices.

The REST API provides developer tools to access Qualtrics data and functionality, enabling automation of repetitive tasks and/or integration with other databases.

Training and Help Documents

Help Yourself!

First things first. Take the Qualtrics 5 Step training to become a Qualtrics ninja in minutes!

Then, refer to these help docs:
Tips and Tricks for Qualtrics at UNC
Sharing Access to Surveys at UNC
Using Offline Survey App with UNC accounts
Offline App Login Cheat Sheet

Or, visit the Qualtrics Support site for more videos, tutorials, and support.